Deer Antler Business Card Holder

International accept any international orders online. Order with an international billing address or a shipping address: you order please call 405-745-1275 service customer 08 00-05 is available Monday-Friday CST. Order a goal, we should arrive as a freight forwarder. In this way your order, shipping charges are often contain for our United States shipping and shipping costs. If you would like us to send your order directly to you, you will be charged actual shipping costs. This amount is calculated once your order is picked, packed and ready for shipment.   Excludes all shipping discounts international shipping.   To the actual cost of shipping payment all orders shipped to an international position. Please note that this policy not military, is heading to Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands &. We accept and ship these orders. For centuries, people have had useful tools of wood. Today's more deer antler business card holder people for professions of the horns, which are functional and decorative. The wide variety of items, the wood is almost endless. Some projects require only a piece of Horn, while others require a full Horn and a few dozen boxes. The boat horns are more popular than others. Yay! Chandeliers deer antler will now follow in your diet from eBay. Notifications by e-mail about new offerings. Send me notifications via email. Step 1: draw a deer! To get the deer wood would be a deer to shoot (one dollar). You can get something for a friend or a hunter. Surprisingly, deer horns can grind into powder and jelly and medicine is considered. In the East, many there are a deer farms for the production of gelatine and powder horns. These medications can be taken orally, to fight pain and joint problems. Wood said that it nourishes the blood and bone marrow. There is a currently more than 5 deer herds. and 5 000 in China. 100 k U,