Deer Antler Room

Velvet room often manifests itself differently in the game, but it is always covered in blue velvet and hosted by Igor. Always, the Velvet should handle persons room. The room is invisible to everyone except those with high spiritual sensitivity. In persona 3, Igor says that only those who make a contract can be invited. 4. modify the method invocation to the characters of the Velvet room clearly between 2 person, person to person and person 3. Igor's character in the field create resource loss of consciousness, where you hear a sad story from the other extreme that you cry and the torrent of emotions made a riff, that connects the two demons in character. In persona 2, Tarot, makes the phone, which combined with the music of Belladonna and unnamed, known for the character directly. For the last two Igor leads an esoteric ritual that combines a new to create a set of cards someone who draws a character in the soul of the protagonist. Innocent sin and eternal punishment the Velvet room is headed by Igor is a servant of Filemon. Other agents of Philemon, who lived in the House, including the unspeakable and new character Belladonna, as well as the addition of the demon painter. Velvet is a room, dressed in blue velvet with a piano and a microphone on the stage is located in the center of the room and has all the main commercial centre of the city of Tasha, which is present in almost all major metropolitan areas. Aside from the Velvet room person is used in the sense of history, convening and management when people like Ulala Serizawa must take during the events of the eternal punishment of recovering from the infection of the curse to Joker. EX Dungeon mode, the Velvet room is used as a base for party members. Each chapter additional scenario is in eternal punishment-PSP remake of talks there with Igor, after the player has progressed the main act at a given time. The Velvet room looks like an elevator, which is constantly growing and cannot be accessed from the main character. Representation of the part as an elevator may be a reference to the increase of the sea during the Tatar game. The room is still under the direction of Igor; However, it is not a servant of Filemon. The protagonist gets access to the Velvet room after signing a contract with a child. Igor mentioned which passed some time since he had a visit he had. Other residents are extinct, but Igor has a new wizard called Elizabeth. Elizabeth later would say that they are your toes in Velvet room, seeking to take care of yourself. If you fly the protagonist in the universe of the Velvet room created the ascendant and the elevator door open. The Velvet room has the same role in persona 3 and accessible to only one protagonist. The only difference this time is that the player can choose Assistant Igor, Theodore or Elizabeth, if the player uses a female protagonist. The Velvet room is inside a saloon. Igor is always present, and a new wizard called Margaret. It seems that the sedan in a way unknown in a dense fog, reflect the situation in the world, the main character is from cruise. Others, that the main character, a shadow failed even to make an appearance in the Velvet room. This caused Igor in it, which is managed in the entire creation with a powerful ego, appear briefly after this recognition, the limousine that moved again, this time in a way with Igor, note that finally remained in the fog. The Velvet room are located from Inaba South Mall zone Daidara library Metallwerke and Yomenaido, while the other is located in the entrance hall of the midnight channel. Purpose and the emergence of the Velvet room is essentially the same as the original 4 character, but adds a new character, Maria, who runs the ability card and allows the player gives the cards and then share buybacks. On the other hand, where is the Aeon social bond capable, with Maria and the position in which you exercise social Association. The Velvet room looks like a character selection screen. Margaret is located next to Igor, exposing their Tarot cards to the player, each corresponding to one of 13 playable characters of Arcana. In the game's story mode takes the fourth of his usual form of penetration of limousine or any elevators (aigis in story mode), deer antler room while the characters, which is a large dining room and select version where Igor is sitting on a couch. In the story mode of protection, the room appears again as an elevator. The console versions is the Velvet room in network mode menu. Is equal to the character selection screen, except for Margaret, the game for sorting options, players of the game and make it as if you were in a person or application of fusion menu. You can change aspects of your profile, such as your custom title. The Velvet room is also an important place in the history of Elizabeth, aigis mode and Yu n. Elizabeth Margaret still cares about its customers old and will intervene if they are going to do the dangerous error margin. It appears once in the character selection screen. In the story mode of the game room is seen forming two depending on the history of modes. Story mode takes the usual internal 4 Limo while the person who is considered to be an elevator in 3-mode character's history. In the introduction to the history of the person 4 Igor and Margaret mode apply the Treaty in a conversation with a stranger to visit, which was later revealed as Sho Minazuki, rejects those exits the Velvet room. Igor, however, said Sho, perfect to do it intends to contract with them his power, and that eventually will return when the time comes. Margaret is that Elizabeth's Velvet room should be a real final visitor. In the history of the P4 that we learn, that Margaret's position open while the Festival of Yasogami high school is a simplified version of divination is the Velvet room. Margaret believes that time is unstable and that somehow, the presence of the team of investigators assigned place. Rooms at once became a large area with the rotation of corridors and staircases, huge blue velvet, as well as two mysterious behind closed doors with four holes to lock. In the history of P3, Igor currently has left room for that day, which is unstable. Theodore was responsible for the support of her sister for help. The storm rages outside the classroom, as well as the absence of a master in an unpredictable outcome in an introduction in local office, the Chamber is sending Yasogami high turnover. The protagonists of these two forms are mentioned that his friends from the Velvet room and your destination, give new characters to speak. Users of the person usually functions support the party in this House, so that the amazing conversations. The bathroom mirror in the Clocktower Yasogami high appears in the form of a platform with the scale and rotation of the gears, and together with the signature that replaces the importance of clock tower of REI is because as a school report was for him and what it symbolizes the last labyrinth of the research team and guardacosì as Zen, where is the God with REI, imprisoned by it. The Velvet room looks like a prison, with the protagonists in a detention and prisoners behind bars. The protagonist is a crime, or more specifically a thief of mirroring. Theodore: Theodore is a younger brother of Assistant Igor and Elizabeth Drake, appear in person 3 portable. Takes the same features of Elizabeth and pops up when you play as a main character. Margaret: Margaret is 4 and older sister Elisabeth, who has resumed his role as an Assistant Igor in person. He also directs the abridgement of the individual. Applications are only someone with specific expertise, but also combining the forecast of change. The name probably derives from the history of the Poe-the Masque of the Red death. The different stages of life and the Velvet room called shortly before his death he represented a number of part 7. In this room, the happy Prince, even his death, meets the main character of the story. .